Client Downloads


We have binaries available to download for 64bit Windows. These should be compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10

Download the zip file, extract the contents to a location where you can find it such as Documents or Desktop. To run enter the voxeladventures-win64/bin folder and double click the minetest executable.


We have a Ubuntu package available for download or you can build from source. Install the package then open a terminal and type voxeladventures-client.


Build From Source

You can find the source for the client and the server on GitHub at Building instructions are available in the README.txt file.


Sub-Game Downloads

If you are interested in starting a survival / adventure server there are several open source sub-games available for Minetest. Here is a list of Minetest sub-games that are a good base for you to build your game. You can download these games and put them in the games folder of your Minetest installation to get started.

  • Minetest (SRC, ZIP) The basic game that comes with Minetest. This is a good stable starting point for a game.
  • Adventuretest (SRC, ZIP) The foundation for an adventure game that includes procedurally generated villages, and an experience and skill system.
  • Landrush (SRC, ZIP) Landrush is a sub game that gives the players tools to build a virtual society. Trading and economics are strongly encouraged.